Know Exactly How to Dress Your Body Shape and Get Compliments On Your Outfits Every Day!

Wake up every morning knowing you absolutely love every item in your closet!  Then walk into any room glowing with confidence knowing your outfit expresses your best self. Your inner badass!

The first step to great outfits is dressing your body shape and owning it!. This Body Shape Guide covers:

  • Which Shape You Have + BONUS VIDEO on that shape! (me working with a client that shares your same shape)
  • How To Dress It
  • Which Styles To Avoid
  • Which Styles To Buy
  • How To Wear Them
  • Includes Plus + Petites too!


Get The Body Shape Guide + Live Video and NEVER Wonder What Styles To Buy and Wear Again!

No more insecurity, wardrobe malfunctions, muffin-top, tugging, pulling or riding. Get clothes that LOOK and FEEL good every time you wear them!