Let's Restyle Your Life...

Let me help you restyle your outfits, closets, pantry, office, whatever!  Let me help you wrap your head around staging to sell your house or plan a home party or holiday decor and festivities.  Whatever #lifestylish ideas you've pinned to your Pinterest boards I can make a reality!  Share your ideas with me and I'll give your the roadmap of how to get there and can even help you drive if you want! LOL! :)



Closet Purge + Organize + Pair

$75/hr - KC AREA ONLY

At this appointment we’ll make adjustments to what you have, keeping in mind your new style recommendations and lifestyle.  This means purging the old and tired to make room for the new.  I’ll pair outfits together from what you already have and build a shopping list of what you still need.  This is a great time to add one of my Personal Shopping services.  Also includes a private Pinterest Board for collaboration based on your Personal Style Profile. 


Home + Office Organization


When you know where everything is and your environment is tidy life is just easier. But getting organized takes time and effort. That’s where I come in. I come and take the burden from you. Whether it’s just your closet, pantry, office or prepping your house to sell, I can deliver the peaceful feeling of being well organized.  My specialty is making the most of the space and bringing a design edge that's not only functional but stylish and on trend.


Personal Shopping + Planning


So many ways I can help you shop!

In-Store Personal Shopping (3hr min)
Travel Planning + Packing (2hr min)
Online Shopping List Creation (2hr min) 
Amazon List Creation (2hr min)
Online Shopping w/ Shipping to You (3hr min)

Includes a private Pinterest Board for collaboration based on your Personal Style Profile.


And Because I'm Obsessed With Helping Small Business Owners...

I opened my own salon and day spa when I was 23, my first e-commerce business when I was 31 and my first sales funnel and online course at 40.  Throughout those years I've experienced every level of marketing, advertising, and business development.  My experience comes from YEARS of blood, sweat, and tears where adjusting to new business environments was a daily must!  I understand the pressure small business owners are under to DO IT ALL and in 2020, when COVID hit and changed my styling business, I decided to share my digital marketing and business development experience with others.  So below are the ways I can help and if you don't see something or you just want to chat about your current situation and needs PLEASE reach out.  I want to help keep you in business :)  I've been developing businesses since before the internet, social media, and email, I know what it takes from a grassroots level to compete in today's market.  Don't struggle in silence when you can have me in your corner!

Digital Marketing Services

$1,000+/mo - Schedule A Free Consultation

  • Social Media Posting
  • Blog Posting
  • Email Marketing/List Growth
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Small Website Updates/Maintenance/Sales
  • Digital, Print, and Radio Ads

Business Development Add On Option

Includes Researching, Proposing, Implementing, Training, and Supporting. Oversee Initial Launch and Process Implementation.

$1,250/mo with a 3-Month Minimum

  • Research multiple options for idea
  • Create a proposal of options and estimated startup costs
  • Determine the ideal client
  • Get training on new product/service from its source
  • Help train staff on new product/service and processes
  • Help implement new service offering and/or systems and processes and assist with marketing
  • Make adjustments to space/website to accommodate
  • Troubleshoot and solve initial problems/snags with implementation
  • Work with the team to hit monthly revenue goals
  • Make your new product/service the main thing in your business for 3 months, arming your staff with everything they need to know to move forward without me and continue to market and profit.

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